Practice Areas

Business / Corporate Law

At ASLAN LAW, we represent a diverse range of business entities, from corporations to limited liability companies and limited partnerships.  We work with business owners to select and form the proper business entities, develop profitable business strategies, draft contracts and corporate documents, and advise businesses on all aspects of management.  

Intellectual Property Law

Patent Drafting and Prosecution

At ASLAN LAW, we secure effective Intellectually Property in both the U.S. and in foreign countries.  By obtaining effective Intellectually Property, clients can use them defensive purposes and to enforce their patent rights against competitors.  

Patent Portfolio Management:

We advise clients in strategically developing, growing, and using their patent portfolios in both domestic and international markets.  


Our experienced Attorneys provide detailed validity and infringement opinions.  

Strategic Counseling:

ASLAN LAW provides strategic and tactical planning to strengthen our client’s position.  As a full-service Intellectual Property Law firm, we provide strategic counseling in monetizing patents, addressing potential infringement issues, dealing with competitors’ patents, products or activities, in addition to patent prosecution services.  


At ASLAN LAW, we advise on setting the parameters of the licensing program, preparing and negotiating the license, determining when licensing should be undertaken and when the client may want to reserve rights without licensing, and valuing the Intellectual Property rights being licensed.

Design Patents:

In addition to patent drafting and prosecution, ASLAN LAW also prepares and prosecutes design patents.  

Trademark & Copyright Law

At ASLAN LAW, we counsel and assist our clients in the selection, adoption, registration and enforcement of their trademark and trade dress rights, in addition to copyright matters.