Our Office is located in close proximity to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office which allows us to conduct frequent, in-person meetings with USPTO Examiners and Supervisors. 

Virginia Office:

Practice of law at the Virginia Office is limited to the practice of Federal Law (e.g., Intellectual Property Law matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Office).  Attorneys at ASLAN LAW are licensed to practice law in at least Washington D.C. and New Jersey.  Attorneys at ASLAN LAW are not licensed to practice Virginia State law in the Virginia Office, with the exception of practicing Federal Law (e.g., Patent, Trademark and Copyright Law matters before the USPTO).



8129 Harper Valley Lane

Falls Church, VA 22042


Telephone: (703) 208-1069




Please know that if you are interested in legal or consulting services no services will be provided or representation undertaken except after entering into a written representation agreement and the payment of the required retainer.

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