ASLAN LAW, P.C. (ASLAN LAW) is an Intellectual Property law firm located in Washington D.C. metro area, just a few minutes away from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  ASLAN LAW has attorneys licensed in at least Washington D.C. and New Jersey.  In addition, ASLAN LAW has attorneys/agents that are licensed to practice before the USPTO. 

The philosophy behind ASLAN LAW is to provide clients with timely, high quality, and cost effective Intellectual Property services, all while providing top tier customer service. 

How is ASLAN LAW better?   ASLAN LAW provides the highest caliber of attorneys/agents for all your intellectual property needs.  For example, the founder of ASLAN LAW, Mr. Aslan Ettehadieh has years of experience as a Patent Examiner at the USPTO, three engineering degrees including a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a law degree from a top tier law school, numerous years of experience as a Design / Electrical Engineer at major technology companies like Lockheed Martin Corporation, about a decade of big law firm experience and in-house Intellectual Property experience/training at a U.S. Fortune 100 company.   Accordingly, with his experience as a (USPTO) Patent Examiner, he has first-hand knowledge of and insight into strategies for obtaining the broadest and enforceable patents from the USPTO.  In addition, with his many engineering degrees and his many years of experience as a practicing Engineer, Aslan has a better grasp into the understanding of complex technical concepts than his competition.